Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sewing-Textiles-Design Biography/Profile

Left is one of my recent designs/creations (Corset top with voluminous mini skirt with pick-ups, purple in the first pick black in the second )

This hobby is one that is very very new. Currently it is the hobby dearest to my heart. I haven't felt this way about anything in a long time. After the black hole hell that I call Dental Hygiene school, Sewing was basically my Sunshine Savior that rescued me from the dark depressing pit after school was finished and I was faced with the tumultuous ordeal of getting licensed to work. If I didn't have this after all that, honestly I don't know if I would have made it and found it in me to push through. It may sound silly, but it's so true. I was so ready to give up and felt so depressed. Something new that I loved was exactly what I needed to help put the dental hygiene hell experiences behind me.

I have only been sewing for the last 2 months or so but I know that I will probably continue to do it for the rest of my life. If I could snap my fingers and do it for a profession, I would. If I could guarantee to make the same wage that I could as a dental hygienist, I would trade in my diploma. Well.... maybe not, but I would definitely put sewing front and center.

Even if I haven't gotten my hands into actually doing it until recently, my interest stemmed as early as back when I was ten years old and I hand sewed some outfits for my Barbie. Then in home ec class in eighth grade we sewed a pair of shorts and I really like it, but I didn't have my own sewing machine. My parents were so frugal I know they wouldn't have gotten me one.

Luckily, my mom was handed down a Pfaff 309 Hobby (from the eighties?) and she only used it to make curtains, she hadn't touched it since then and that was years ago. Two and a half years ago I asked her if I could have it. I even bought an idiots guide to sewing. However since dental hygiene school and all it's ridiculousness was consuming my life, I wasn't able to devote any time to learning till I was done school. When I finally could I jumped in the way I usually do. Screw the manual and see what I can do by figuring it out on my own! I love working with patterns but when at all possible I love working from scratch with no patterns.

I love what I can create from a flat piece of fabric. I love how I can make it exactly the way I want it. I love how the right fit and design can make you feel like a million bucks when the outfit costs $5 or less and I especially love the look on a person's face when they put on a garment you have made for them and they love it as much as you do!

I have fallen in love, if only fabric were free!!!

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