Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Health-Beauty-Fitness-Nutrition Biography/Profile

This profile will be short and I probably will elaborate more in the future.

For health and beauty, for as long as I can remember I have been into make-up and self care products. When I was young my idea of fun was giving my sister a make over and styling her an outfit. I was probably 12 and my sister 7. There was even a time where I thought going to make-up artistry school would be the right idea.

I love love love make up artistry still as a hobby and I believe if you can do it yourself, why pay. This includes the fact that I do all my own facial and hair care, mani/pedis, eyelash extensions and false eyelashes and waxing. I have my own equipment (incl. foot spa) and enjoy doing it myself. I also currently cut my own hair. I mostly style the front (using a razor and scissors) but I don't trust myself to cut the back or length so I usually have that done some where cheap. I used to dye and streak my own hair but I've been sticking with my black hair.

I don't turn my nose up to going to salons... not at all, I enjoy it! However with my lifestyle I can't afford to go to the spa as much as I would like to, and I feel DIY is a good comprimise!

For fitness and nutrition, diet and exercise has been an in and out part of my life ever since I can remember. Being from an asian background you are never thin enough, so my interest grew (much to my chagrin) at an early age. I have much fluctuation with weight as I think my body style is naturally curvier and being fit is a full time job. I know lots about diet and nutrition but I can't say I follow it as much as I would like. Clearly!! I try lots though. If only we had an infinite number of hours in the day! I know, excuses, EXCUSES!

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